Karbonius Snorkel for BMW E46 with CSL Style Airbox

Karbonius Snorkel for BMW E46 with CSL OEM or Karbonius CSL Style carbon Inlet
Karbonius Snorkel for BMW E46

About Karbonius:

Karbonius is a young company, albeit with 8+ years of experience in working with composites.

We are currently in the process of expanding, diversifying our scope of work and greatly increase our turnover.

Karbonius manufactures custom made, exclusive models adapted to our clients likes, using production in furnace and empty. Karbonius can produces models in 3D thanks to our CNC milling machine.

Karbonius designs, manufacture and repair all types of carbon fibre parts, carbon & kevlar and some fibreglass. We can do both structural and decorative parts.

We mainly produce carbon fibre components for cars such as:
- Intake systems;
- Hoods;
- Spoilers;
- Splitters;
- Bumpers;
- Engine protectors;
- Door panels;
- Flat bottoms;
- Sandwich panels;
- Flaps;
- And much more!

Karbonius is also producing carbon fibre components for motorbikes, rally cars, merchandising (such as carbon fibre keychains) carbon fibre funiture and we can also repair carbon fibre bicycle frames.

See all the Karbonius products we carry.

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SKU KAR_0131AD007
Make BMW
Model E46 M3 CSL
Brand Karbonius
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